5 key benefits of getting ISO27001 Certified

5 key benefits of getting ISO27001 Certified. - cybergate your cybersecurity partner

5 key benefits of getting ISO27001 Certified

5 key benefits of getting ISO27001 Certified

ISO27001 is an international standard that structures the requirements of an information security management system – which is a systematic approach that includes processes, technology and people that help organisations’ data through effective risk management and mitigation. Central to ISO 27001 are business-driven risk assessments. These are crucial to identify and treat security threats in line with the organisation’s overarching risk appetite. Here are five benefits from certifying to ISO 27001.

Reduce Human Errors

Your workforce is your first-line of defence, but statistics show that the vast majority of security violations originate from human errors and internal threats. The ISO 27001 certification, ups the game when it comes to your organisation’s security awareness. In addition, it ensures all SOPs and policies are aligned organisation-wide throughout the entire workforce. A key pillar of ISO 27001 is the promotion of continuous learning including cyber security awareness training.

Gain Competitive Edge

Competitive edge is often built on trust. When striving to onboard and retain customers it is crucial to have onpoint information security. An ISO 27001 certification is testament that the organisation implemented security best practices. It shows compliance and instil confidence. It is the basis to build and expand into new market segments and territories and win more business while mitigating risk and exposure.

Protect your reputation

Reputation is everything in business. ISO 27001 certifications help organisations avoid security threats both those emanating from internal actors committing human error and external threats by cyber criminals. Data breaches lead to adverse media, hefty fines, license freezing or revocation and legal suits. The ISO 27001 framework ensures your organisation has the right tools in place to strengthen the core three pillars of cybersecurity, namely: people, processes and technology.

Avoid regulatory fines and license revocations

Failing to adhere to regulatory requirements such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) leads to costly penalties being incurred for non-compliance. Organisations can leverage ISO 27001 to achieve and maintain compliance. ISO 27001 is a best practice approach to information security, for any regulatory framework.

With ISO 27001 compliance the organisation would be demonstrating to stakeholders that information security is taken seriously. This will help enhance your reputation, and more and more professional entities would want to work with you.

Improve your structure

ISO 27001 aids in the creation of systems that are flexible but at the same time keep everyone in check to maintain their focus on information security tasks. This is of paramount importance, evenmore if the organisation is experiencing rapid growth. With ISO 27001 a structure wherein people adhere to their responsibilities regarding information security is achieved. Annual risk assessments are to be conducted to help you make changes where necessary.

In the era where cyber security threats and breaches occur every few minutes it is key to protect your data, people and digital assets. ISO 27001 protects your business through setting a standard for staff training, security controls, policies and processes and risk assessments. It provides a quintessential framework for security and ensures that your organisation does due diligence when protecting information from unauthorised external and internal threats.

Investing in ISO 27001 certification not only protects your organisation from potential security breaches but also demonstrates your true commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security. By prioritising information security through ISO 27001, you can gain a significant edge in today’s digitally connected world.

Speak to us today to learn more about ISO 27001 certification for your business to take proactive steps to protect sensitive information, mitigate risks, and build trust with customers and stakeholders.

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