5 ways to improve preventative cyber security with less effort using a robust Vulnerability Management Platform.

5 ways to improve preventative cyber security with less effort using a robust Vulnerability Management Platform. - Cybergate your cyber security partner

5 ways to improve preventative cyber security with less effort using a robust Vulnerability Management Platform.

5 ways to improve preventative cyber security with less effort using a robust vulnerability management platform.

Being proactive in cyber security in this day and age is crucial to maintain a robust cyber security posture. A must-have powerful tool to invest in is a vulnerability management platform, commonly referred to as an exposure management platform, that will bolster preventive cyber security efforts for businesses of all sizes.

Below we will explore five ways a vulnerability management platform can help improve cyber security protection of your digital surface.

End-to-End Vulnerability identification

What is of paramount importance is that vulnerabilities are always identified before malicious actors find them and exploit them. The core benefit of a vulnerability management platform is that it excels in vulnerability scanning of networks, systems and applications.

Weak points, holes and vulnerabilities are discovered, categorised, prioritised and presented swiftly. With this proactive approach, one would address found deficiencies promptly to radically reduce the possibility of a cyber attack.

Real-time cyber threat monitoring (and Notifications)

Timely detection is vital to prevent cyber incidents. Our vulnerability management platform monitors in real-time your organisation’s surface and infrastructure. Monitoring is done continuously and unusual events are communicated via real-time alerts. The timely notification system allows your cyber security team to intervene safeguarding sensitive information and digital assets. Potential breaches are therefore kept at bay.

AI Power

The AI powered platform aids in improving your cyber security strategies since it offers rapid analysis, and guidance to navigate through vulnerabilities. Master risk mitigation across the ever-evolving attack surface, regardless of origin. Get ahead of cyber risks and get a complete picture of all facets of the attack surface with business context so you can accurately understand your organisation’s cyber risk and prioritise mitigation.

Continuous Compliance Monitoring

One of the essential aspects of ongoing cyber security is to stay compliant with industry regulations, directives and standards. Continuous compliance monitoring through a vulnerability management platform is priceless assistance.

It evaluates your digital infrastructure against regulatory requirements, highlighting areas that may need attention. By maintaining a compliant environment, you not only enhance your security posture but also mitigate legal, reputational and financial risks associated with non-compliance.

Customised Risk Assessment and Prioritisation

Our vulnerability management platform enables you to tailor risk assessments based on your organisation’s specific risk appetite and priorities. By factoring in variables such as potential impact and exploitability, you can focus your efforts on addressing vulnerabilities that truly matter. This strategic approach optimises resource allocation, ensuring that your cyber security efforts yield maximum results with minimal effort.

Leverage the power of a vulnerability management platform, and fortify your organisation’s defences with relative ease. From comprehensive vulnerability identification to continuous compliance monitoring, the platform empowers you to take charge of your cyber security strategy and secure a more digital future.

With a vulnerability management platform you will solve the common challenges of a siloed view of the attack surface, data overload and getting stuck in reactive mode. Vulnerability (known as Exposure) management is about seeing the full, accurate picture of your attack surface and being equipped to make the right decisions to reduce your cyber risk efficiently at all times.

Prevention cannot be reactive. Gain a comprehensive and focused view. Request a free trial today!

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