Cyber Security Awareness Training.

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Cyber Security Awareness Training.

Awareness is the first step in rolling out a Cyber Security Strategy

A company is as good as its people. That is a fact. Investing in skills and knowledge should always be high on every Human Resources manager’s agenda.

Cybergate's Cyber Security Awareness Training is a hands-on approach which helps organisations proactively address the weakest link in cyber security, humans.

Cyber Security is becoming increasingly prevalent with security breaches making the headlines on a daily basis – taking cyber security seriously is not an option any longer. Apart from investing in phishing as a service, cloud security vulnerability assessments and penetration testing of systems, organisations are increasingly investing in their employees to reduce the risk of cyber attacks fuelled by human error and/or lack of awareness and know-how.

When analysing past cyber attacks, most of the time, cyber criminals trick employees to click on links or download malicious files which would grant them access to sensitive data inside the company’s internal environment. This weakness in the chain makes it evident that your workforce needs to be made aware of cyber threats, repercussions of cyber attacks and the Dos and Don’ts related to cyber security in general.

Following is the course outline

Quick Q&A’s:

Who is this training for?
Anyone who uses: an email system, has a network network setup, makes use of smartphones and/or social media.

Are there any prerequisites for this training?

Who delivers the sessions?
All sessions are delivered by certified and experienced tutors.

Are training sessions delivered in-class or remotely?
We offer both online and in-class sessions.

What is covered in this training session?
Below are the main topics covered during the session:-

  • Impacts of a Cyberattack,
  • Social Engineering (Phishing / Spear Phishing / Whaling / CEO Fraud / Vishing / Smishing),
  • Malware & Ransomware (Types of Malware / Ransomware),
  • Social Media (Oversharing of Information / Fake Profiles),
  • Safe Internet Habits (Passwords / Public Wi-fi hotspots / Malicious Apps / Installed Software / Safe Browsing),
  • Removable Media, and
  • Clean Desk Policy


How long would a typical session take?
Approximately 2 hours of training.

The ultimate aim of these cyber awareness sessions is to teach employees how to avoid and protect against cyber security threats. Today, Cyber Security is a crucial aspect of any business, so the correct procedures and skill-sets need to be in place to guarantee the best security for the organisation. Additionally, the security of the company is the responsibility of all employees, not just the cyber security team.

Financing Schemes Availability and Eligibility

‘Investing in Skills Scheme’ offered by Jobs Plus is providing funding of at least 50% of the total cost of the training. The scheme falls under Malta’s Operational Programme II of the European Social Fund – ‘Investing in human capital to create more opportunities and promote the well-being of society’. More info: JobsPlus

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