Cyber Security Threats | 3 Security Trends for 2022

Cyber Security Threats cybergate your cyber security partner

Cyber Security Threats | 3 Security Trends for 2022

3 Cyber Security Threat Trends in 2022

With the start of every year, there come certain cyber security threats that companies should prepare themselves against. It is for this reason that a cyber security strategy must be worked out to get in front of those new threats and neutralise them in a frictionless manner. Of course, it is ideal to know what to expect, which is why experts are able to predict what may be experienced by large corporations and SMEs alike operating online in the near future. It is then ideal to proceed with a pen test on all systems (both internal and public-facing), to ensure that you don’t fall victim to these cyber threats. Here is a look at three cyber security threat trends expected in 2022.

Cyber Security Malta Issues for the Future

To proceed with moving forward with your business’s cyber security, it is imperative that you are aware of these three predictions for the industry going forward. In 2022, you could end up falling victim to the following cyber security issues, which can have devastating results on your operations and financial stature.

Supply Chain Cyber Attacks

While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused plenty of disruption over the past couple of years and has left industries grappling with safeguarding their networks, the future could bring different threats to the fore. A large increase in supply chain cyber attacks, primarily in the form of ransomware, are expected. This could even be rolled out through global supply chains, via basic computer updates and malicious emails.

Experts are foreseeing more complicated ransomware and a wider spread of ransomware in this new year. Ransomware does not have the system infection as an end goal these days – cyber attackers instead are designing sophisticated ransomware as part of a broader attack wherein the victim business is blackmailed for payments (usually using crypto currencies). In 2021 according to the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) the ‘golden era of ransomware’ is upon us.

Data Breaches

This one is an ongoing threat that has remained in play for several years now. Data breaches have been experienced by some of the largest organisations around the world in recent times, and this is likely to continue moving forward. Proceeding with website penetration testing (mobile and web apps, networks, internal systems also need to be pen tested) can help solve any possibilities for breaches to take place. It is always wiser to know about vulnerabilities and holes in your surface/s before a hacker does.

Data is increasingly becoming the key asset of businesses and an increase in data protection legislation is the order of the day. Ensure your data is well protected from malicious actors that are (always!) ready to steal your data to sell on the dark web.

Weaponising Deep-fake Technology

Cyber criminal schemes have already started using deepfake technologies to attack companies. Yet this is expected to get even worse in 2022. Deep-fakes include media assets such as images and video wherein one person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else fraudulently. Powerful technology is utilised from machine learning and A.I. in order to manipulate or generate content, which has a high potential to deceive. Financial fraud, fake news and hoaxes have all come about due to deep-fakes. Always verify the source and cross-check veracity of content.

Serving as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for various companies over the years, Stephane Nappo recently said: “The five most efficient cyber defenders are: Anticipation, Education, Detection, Reaction and Resilience. Do remember: Cybersecurity is much more than an IT topic”. The mindset, the education level and the readiness to counteract cyber attacks and threats need to all be in place to ensure the risk is well managed.

How to Anticipate and Defend Your Company Against 2022 Cyber Threats

So that you can contend with the upcoming threats of 2022, there are certain processes that you can go through. It’s always ideal to heighten your protection against cyber security threats, giving your business the best chance of surviving such attacks.

Penetration Testing Malta – Putting your computer systems and infrastructure through a pen test is one of the best routes to take. This simulates a cyber attack on such, and the results display any potential breaches, low-level security targets, and so on. You can then go about patching those gaps up to increase protection. Knowing your weaknesses will help you harden your systems.

Cyber Security Awareness Training – It’s important for you and your employees to be fully trained, not only on what to expect from 2022, but how to identify and combat the threats. If everyone in the company is aware of what the threats can look like and how to stop them from affecting the business, it can be stopped before taking hold.

Brace yourself for the upcoming year’s cyber security challenges. Be proactive. Get in touch!

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