Cyber Security Trends to expect in 2024

Cyber Security Trends to expect in 2024 Cybergate Your Cyber Security Partner

Cyber Security Trends to expect in 2024

Prevention is the best defence. What Cyber Security trends to expect in 2024.

2024 is set to be another year dominated by technology and digital transformations. The importance of robust cyber security cannot be underestimated. Cyber threats and attacks continue to evolve. Attackers are increasingly using sophisticated techniques and AI-powered technologies to exploit vulnerabilities and get their hands on sensitive data.

Data is the most valuable asset in any company and data breaches most often have devastating consequences in both monetary and reputational damage.

Artificial intelligence powering Cyber Threats

AI is not only central to defence tools but is increasingly being used as a ‘weapon’ by cyber attackers that are utilising machine learning to circumvent traditional security measures. Opt for security tools such as vulnerability scanners and management tools that incorporate advanced and strong AI algorithms for both threat detection and prevention. These tools are key in the mantra of ‘prevention is better than cure’.

The immense power of quantum computing will definitely pose a significant threat to existing encryption standards. Cyber security tools will further evolve to offer quantum-resistant encryption methods, with the ultimate goal of safeguarding sensitive data.

Zero Trust Architecture is the way to go

The Zero Trust Architecture model will gain more prominence during this year. Strict authentication and authorisation for every user and device in and around an organisation will be enhanced (even more with BYOD policies). Contrary to conventional perimeter-based security models, the Zero Trust Architecture security framework will never trust and always verify, regardless of users, devices or applications location. The latter are treated as untrusted until verified through continuous authentication, authorisation and monitoring.

This approach aims to reduce the risks of unauthorised access and lateral movement within a company’s network – providing a robust protection against cyber attacks.

Cloud Security Maturity

With the upward trend of cloud services adoption such as AWS and MS Azure, cyber threats have followed suit. Misconfiguration and wrong interpretation of the shared responsibility paradigm have led to cyber attacks that cost millions of Euro and disrupted business operations. During this year, it is expected that cloud security will further mature, offering solutions that will protect data in transit, at rest and during processing in your cloud environment.

Tying in to the above, organisations need to accelerate their incident response times. Automation will be the order of the day, facilitating quicker identification, containment and eradication of cyber threats (…as cyber attacks are increasing in frequency, sophistication and complexity!). We foresee that the implementation of automated incident response systems will be a key trend in the upcoming months.

Choose cybersecurity. Choose prevention. Stay secure in 2024 and beyond.

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