Expand Your Business by Mitigating Cyber Security Risks

Expand Your Business by Mitigating Cyber Security Risks cybergate your cyber security partner

Expand Your Business by Mitigating Cyber Security Risks

Grow Your Business with Confidence. Mitigate Cyber Security Risks.

Today, if you want to grow your business significantly, it is vital that you have a strong online presence. And while this can have major benefits, it can also be risky when it comes to scams and cyber security issues. The larger multinational enterprises are able to pour money into protecting themselves against breaches and other problems, which has led to criminals targeting smaller businesses due to being softer to invade. Therefore, it is important to mitigate any cyber security risks, allowing you to grow your business in a confident way. Do not let cyber criminals compromise your business continuity.

Cyber Security Risks

So that you know exactly what you’re tackling when you incorporate a cyber security strategy, it is key to first and foremost understand the risks of an online digital presence. The threats that can affect your business include:


In this case a cyber criminal masquerades as a trusted person or another legit business to entice someone into opening emails and clicking scam links. In some instances, these emails, text messages or calls instruct the victim to carry out actions such as transferring of funds.

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attack

DDoS is a type of attack that is aimed at disrupting your online website by overwhelming the servers with requests. Filtering server requests and blocking traffic coming from malicious IP addresses is of paramount importance, to help keep your website or web platform live.


This is able to be inserted into your web pages or files by cyber criminals, and it operates as malicious software that can steal sensitive corporate data. Website penetration testing is ideal for stopping malware.

Man-in-the-Middle Attack

Black hat hackers listen in on an end-user’s communication with your business website. If a customer utilises a mobile device that has an unprotected Wi-Fi connection, an attacker can intercept the communications and subsequently pretend to be the customer using your site.


Similar to malware, ransomware prevents you from being able to access your devices and other corporate data. Messages are displayed on your devices demanding a payment before allowing you to view and use the files. A pen test can also uncover ransomware.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and a few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it”, said Stephane Nappo, VP Global Chief Information Security Officer of Groupe SEB.

Mitigate risks today by taking a proactive approach to Cyber Security.

Carrying Out Penetration Testing in Malta

A website penetration test, or pen test, serves as a simulation of a cyber attack on your computer systems, web or mobile applications, network and even physical facilities. With this, any vulnerabilities, weaknesses and holes in your system will be exposed (and presented in an end-of-pentest report), and you can set about blocking up those gaps in your applications, systems and/or infrastructure.

This is vital as a way of upping your cyber security setup, and ensuring that you can grow your business without leaving any route for attackers to get in and access sensitive data. Patterns, trends and information coming out of penetration tests is valuable knowledge, which should be used to refine the overarching set of security policies and obviously patch any holes and non-conformities. Pen tests need to be run regularly as new systems are implemented, new code is released and new upgrades to the infrastructure are rolled-out.

Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training

If you have any people working for you and your business, then it is important that they are also informed about cyber security and its vital importance. This will ensure that they don’t make any mistakes and leave your company open to attacks and breaches. We offer various training courses applicable to companies operating in different sectors and of varying size from SMEs to corporate.

Incorporating training for your employees into the cyber security strategy of your company is a most beneficial way of ensuring that everything remains blocked to criminals and indirectly it is a protection layer in a hardened posture. Through completing such training, you can rest assured that you can grow your business successfully without any cyber security risks coming into play. And this training is something that you can organise to take place every six months or once a year for example, as new threats arise, and the technology and software is introduced to tackle them. This way, your employees will constantly be informed on operating in a safe and secure way. A best practice we’ve seen in recent months is the incorporation of cyber awareness training in new employees’ induction sessions when they join a new organisation.

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