Security Evaluation | Reasons to Schedule a Pen Test

Security Evaluation Reasons to Schedule a Pen Test Cybergate your cyber security partner

Security Evaluation | Reasons to Schedule a Pen Test

Evaluate the Security of your IT Systems and Infrastructure. 5 Reasons to Schedule an External Penetration Test Today.

You may not have heard of penetration testing before, but it could very well be a huge necessity for your business. Cloud cyber security is something that all companies need, and pen tests provide you with an evaluation of how strong your current security is – of cloud systems, physical facilities, web and mobile applications and IT systems including your network. So, if you’d like to find out more about the safety of your IT systems, here are five reasons why an external penetration test is the route to take.

To Locate Vulnerable Systems Before a Hacker Can

It is ideal to measure your system security level by putting it to the test and finding out how it is able to be hacked into. Through pen tests, your system will be tested to see how resistant it is to external hacking actions. It will simulate an actual hack attack, and you will then see where the holes in your security infrastructure, system or application are. It is a safe and controlled version of a hack, and these are frequently conducted right after new infrastructure has been installed or code has been rolled-out.

Save on Reparation Costs

If you have ever been the victim of a cyber security attack, then you’ll know how difficult it can be to repair systems, and the price of this can be catastrophic. Furthermore, you will likely have to experience system down time while the repairs are carried out. Cloud cyber security of the highest proportion can stop this from occurring, and if you go through these security assessments, such as cloud security assessments, then you will save money in the long-run. To ensure that your business is consistently kept safe, you will need to go through regular pen tests.

Enhance Your Current Security Measures

It is not uncommon for businesses to think they already have enough security in place. Yet with penetration testing, you may find that you need more. This is not a bad thing, because the strength of your business’ security is paramount at the end of the day. The results from a pen test give you the insight into how strong your security already is. And with this information, you can easily go about developing and enhancing it.

Make Sure You’re in Compliance with Standard Regulations

All businesses must ensure that they are complying with security regulations. The data of customers must be kept as secure as possible, and a pen test may end up revealing certain issues with this. This doesn’t only relate to cyber security in Malta, but to all countries in the world. You need to ensure your business is complying with the existing regulatory frameworks in place (…moreover if you are a regulated business). Pen tests help you to achieve this by revealing potential gaps in your current setup. Leading security standards like PCI, HIPAA, and so on require certain regulations to be adhered to by a business.

Protect the Image of Your Company

Any company being the victim of security hacks and breaches of confidential and sensitive data will likely receive negative backlash from customers, media outlets and authorities. It’s only natural. The loss of highly valued customers can then become the follow-on from this. And for a business to thrive, it needs clients. Therefore, utilising a penetration test to evaluate your IT systems’ security will help you to avoid these breaches and protect the image of your company with customers. Penetration testing can often be combined with vulnerability scanning to give you even more in-depth results about your systems and the potential breach points alongside.

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