Cyber Security Awareness Training

With security breaches making the headlines every other week, organisations have started taking cybersecurity more seriously. As a result, companies are heavily investing in security products such as firewalls, WAFs, AntiViruses, and security services such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. While these technical controls are paramount to an organisation’s security posture, hackers have identified a new weakness in the chain, the employees themselves.


Cybergate’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training is a hands-on approach which enables your organisation to proactively close this weak link. During the training, attendees will familiarise themselves with the latest attacks and techniques used in real-world scenarios and will be trained on how to identify and respond to these attacks should they become a target. The course covers, amongst others, techniques such as Phishing and its variations such as Vishing and Smishing, Ransomware, Safe Internet Habits and Social Networking Dangers.