Phishing as a Service

Phishing is a social engineering exercise which involves malicious actors (hackers) sending fraudulent emails in order to persuade victims into performing certain actions, like clicking on a link or an attachment,  or sometimes influencing the victims into sending over their credentials, transferring money, or even installing malicious software on their machine. In a corporate environment, attackers tend to leverage phishing as the first step to gaining a foothold on a target organisation. In fact, it has been reported that phishing accounts for 90% of the data breaches and it has grown by 65% in the last year.


Cybergate’s Phishing-as-a-Service (PhaaS) is a fully-managed phishing program designed for organisations who are concerned about their users’ ability to accurately differentiate between phishing emails and genuine ones. Utilising the latest tools, techniques and designs malicious actors use, Cybergate will periodically launch phishing campaigns which will provide a comprehensive, continuous assessment of your organisation’s exposure to phishing attacks. Additionally, employees who have been successfully phished can be automatically enrolled to our online security awareness videos at no additional cost. This approach ensures continuous improvement of your workforce’s vigilance to real, malicious phishing emails.


This service is available as a one-off assessment or as an annual subscription service where Cybergate will provide periodic phishing simulations.

Image of Fishing Hook over a Keyboard