Physical Penetration Testing

Physical security breaches are frequently undervalued. Companies understandably want to protect their digital data by strengthening the security of their digital assets, such as web applications and infrastructure. While this is critical, one should never dismiss the possibility of a physical attack that could completely circumvent digital security mechanisms. An attacker could physically enter the building and steal equipment such as laptops, infect machines with malware, or even plant a rogue machine on the network from which they could remotely access the internal network for further attacks.

Cybergate performs Physical Penetration Testing in accordance with ISO27001:2013 Annex A.11.1. It is intended to assess the effectiveness of your company’s current physical security controls and to identify weak access points that could be exploited by intruders or rogue employees. Doors, locks, emergency exits, sensors, security gates, and loading areas are just a few examples.

Our physical assessments are performed by trained security officials in order to:

  • Expose the level of real-world risks
  • Expose the weaknesses in the Office Infrastructures and Buildings
  • Protect against External & Environmental Threats
  • Work in Secure Areas
  • Provide actionable recommendations to mitigate the identified flaws in a safe and controlled manner.

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