Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

A Risk & Vulnerability Assessment is a good starting point for any company that would like to assess the security posture of its infrastructure, both internal and external, in a cost-effective and timely manner. Weaknesses not identified on time could lead to your Company becoming another victim of a cyber attack.


Cybergate uses industry-leading vulnerability scanners and tools to identify security weaknesses and assess your external or public facing assets (eg: Servers, Routers & VPN Endpoints) for security vulnerabilities. These assets can be both on premise, i.e. hosted by you, or in the cloud (eg: AWS, Azure and GCP).


Once the initial phase is complete, our security experts manually prioritise the resultant weaknesses or vulnerabilities and prune off false positives. This will provide you with a clear picture of your organisation’s shortcomings when it comes to cyber security resilience.


Risk & Vulnerability scanning will determine if a further full infrastructure penetration test is required or not. For a thorough and complete security assessment of your externally-facing network, take a look at our External Infrastructure Security Assessment.

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