Virtual CISO (vCISO) Service

Cyber attacks are increasing and compliance frameworks are becoming more rigid and complex to adhere to. Having a comprehensive cyber security strategy and programme has become a necessity to keep a company running. At the same time, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are in great demand, to the point that competent ones are expensive and difficult to find. This makes it harder for small and medium-sized regulated businesses to afford one.

A vCISO (also known as a virtual CISO, CISO-as-a-Service and Fractional CISO) is an outsourced seasoned security practitioner or provider that delivers continuous time and expertise to your organization.

Cybergate’s vCISO service connects companies in need of security and compliance expertise and assistance, with top-tier security professionals, without breaking the company’s bank.

Our professional team has decades of experience designing information security plans that align with business objectives and offer demonstrable security posture improvements.

Support from our vCISOs can ensure that you are aligned with recent rules and regulations related to your specific industry, be it PCI DSS, GDPR, SOC2, NIST or even MFSA’s Cybersecurity Framework (Refer to our recommendations based on MFSA’s own Guidance Notes on Cybersecurity)

Allow us to be in charge of developing and implementing your organisation’s security vision, strategy, and programme to decrease your organization’s cyber security threats. We will collaborate with your existing management and technical teams to create a custom cyber security programme that will decrease organizational risk while staying within your budget.

Cybergate offers comprehensive cyber security programmes ranging from acting as your licensed company CISO to running regular pen testing, cloud vulnerability assessments and even delivering cyber security awareness training to your employees.

Set up an exploratory call with us or contact us here to know more.

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