Cybergate is a cyber security consultancy and penetration testing company which provides a full range of cyber security services across several aspects of technology. With over 10 years of experience in the cyber security field, we have had the opportunity to work with diverse sectors, such as financial, legal and retail, and with sizes ranging from small to large enterprises.

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Our Services

Cyber security Awareness Training

A hands-on training session which enables your organisation to proactively close the weakest link in the chain, the employees themselves.

Penetration Testing

Comprehensive security assessments tailored to your environment and organisational needs to improve your overall security posture.

Physical Penetration Testing

Gauge the strength of your company’s current physical security controls and expose weak access points which could be exploited by intruders or rogue employees.

Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

A good starting point for any company that would like to assess its security posture in a cost-effective and timely manner.

HackTrack Service

Stay ahead of the game by monitoring the Dark Web for activity in relation to your company.

Phishing as a Service

A fully-managed phishing program ensuring continuous improvement of your workforce's vigilance to real, malicious phishing emails.

Cloud Security Assessment

Comprehensive security assessment of your cloud environment tailored to your environment and organisational needs to improve your cloud security posture.

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